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ガラガラ (Garagara) is a type of lottery machine. Players turn a lever that causes the machine to randomly select one of the compartments and receive the corresponding prize. Garagara is often used during traditional Japanese festivals and celebrations. Shotengai uses it for promotional events and giveaways for our customers, and all of our subscribed users have an opportunity to participate in our Garagara lottery events.

We regularly hold these events on bustling shopping streets in Japan and livestream the drawing process. We also post the list of winners on our official website, as well as a recording of the video. The prizes we offer are various gifts related to a healthy Japanese lifestyle. Become a subscriber and you'll have a chance to win big!


Embracing the Japanese Way

Discover a Healthy and Eco-Friendly Lifestyle in Japan

People from all over the world can learn from the Japanese in their pursuit of a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. They prefer walking or cycling to driving, not only for exercise but also to reduce carbon emissions. In their diet, they prioritize consuming fresh and pure ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and tofu, while avoiding foods high in fat and sugar. They also practice "green living" by sorting and recycling waste, using eco-friendly materials in their furniture and everyday items such as wood and ceramic products, and avoiding disposable items. We have selected healthy and eco-friendly products for you, so let's make a change together and create a better world by prioritizing our health and the environment.

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