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Preserving Tradition

We carefully select snacks from artisans across Japan, helping these small family workshops to thrive. By purchasing our products, you are also helping to preserve and protect traditional cultural heritage.

Sustainability: Mottainai


The core tenet of Mugen∞Yasou (Mugen=infinity, Yasou=wild grass) is the elimination of waste. The project is based in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, where horsetail grows wild on their pesticide-free farmland and was once weeded and burned. As for the black soybeans, only those that are not cracked after processing can be placed on shelves, while the cracked ones are disposed of and used as fertilizer. Mugen∞Yasou reprocesses and commercializes these "wastes." They believe in the infinite possibilities of utilizing limited resources.


Healthy & Eco-friendly

Fukui Engei

Mochipon is crafted from mochi barley, a local crop native to Tokushima Prefecture. Renowned for its nutritional benefits, this unique crop offers lower calorie content compared to rice, abundant dietary fiber, and is rich in essential micronutrients. The innovative Fukui Engei takes mochi barley and ingeniously places it in a sealed container, subjecting it to high heat and pressure, resulting in the delightful puffiness of Mochipon. The company is committed to people’s health, and what sets Mochipon apart is that it undergoes no addition of oils, sugars, or additives during its production process.



Traditional Handicrafts

Unka-yaki, a form of pottery introduced by Koukoku Ohshimain 1852, boasts vibrant patterns that evoke the fiery allure of burning clouds on its surface. Due to the ever-changing flames within the kiln, each piece of pottery possesses a unique and captivating beauty. Sadly, Koukoku Ohshima's technique was not passed down to his apprentices, and with his passing, this mesmerizing art form faded into obscurity.

It was not until 1978 that the endeavor to revive this technique took flight. Kunihiko Nagamune, originally a horticulturist, fell deeply in love with Koukoku Ohshima’s Unka-yaki, captivated by the exquisite and enchanting patterns born from the dance of flames. Undeterred by numerous setbacks, he embodied the unwavering spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, persistently experimenting and refining his methods. A serendipitous discovery of the clay essential for crafting Unka-yaki pottery amidst the mountains marked a pivotal moment in his journey.


Century-old Store


Established in 1801, Toraya-Yoshixue initially started as a sake shop before venturing into the realm of confectionery. Crafting exquisite confections and brewing premium sake share similar demands – the need for high-quality water and artisanal dedication. Located in Kobe, the shop benefits from the pure and sweet mountain spring water rich in various minerals, making it an ideal ingredient. In the spirit of allowing customers to taste the essence of their creations, Toraya-Yoshixue has steadfastly upheld its tradition of handcrafting, avoiding large-scale production.