What is Shotengai?

Shotengai is a Japanese word meaning "shopping street". It usually refers to a traditional covered street lined with local shops. We provide premium Japanese snack and tea subscription boxes delivered monthly. By subscribing, you get a thoughtfully curated box of gourmet treats and teas each month. The selections change monthly and are based on flavors and themes.

What's inside each monthly box?

16-20 snacks and teas. We have retail-sized Japanese snacks (and teas!) curated for you. These snacks are very difficult to find outside of Japan and even within Japan, as our authentic snacks were carefully selected from local snack producers and farmers all over Japan. These are not your regular grocery or convenience store level snacks!

Are the snacks vegetarian/gluten-free/halal?

Inside the box, you will discover a selection of snacks that are vegetarian and gluten-free. To ensure your well-being, we provide a manual that specifies which snacks fall into these categories. For other snacks, we diligently label any allergens for your health and safety.

As nutritional information varies for each snack, we cannot guarantee all snacks in any box will be gluten-free or halal.

We also cannot guarantee snacks will have or lack certain allergens, so consume snacks at your own risk and consider health concerns carefully. Due to limited inventory, we do not customize boxes for dietary needs or allergies currently.

For every snack, we translate and list common allergens from the packaging. We note the 9 major allergens designated by the FDA: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans and sesame. We also note which snacks are vegetarian and which use alcohol.

Shipping & Delivery

When will my order arrive?

We typically ship orders within 1 to 3 business days of your purchase. You will receive a notification when your box ships. Our boxes ship from Japan, so delivery times vary and we cannot guarantee specific arrival dates. It usually takes 1 to 3 weeks to arrive but can take up to 4 weeks due to customs or shipping delays.

Shipments go directly to USPS, usually arriving in 1 to 2 weeks after shipping. Tracking may not update for a few days as the order goes to USPS.

Contact us at shotenguys@shotengai.com or through our Contact Us page if your order does not arrive within 4 weeks of shipping. We will help resolve the issue.

What countries can we ship to?

With the exception of special circumstances, we offer worldwide shipping support.

How do I order boxes to ship to different addresses?

Since we need a unique shipping address for each subscription, you cannot order multiple boxes to different addresses in one order. Please place separate orders for boxes going to different addresses. You can still manage different subscriptions in your subscription portal after placing your first order. For 10+ box orders, contact shotenguys@shotengai.com and our team will help! 

How can I track my order?

You can log into your account at any time to see your order history and the status of any orders that you have placed. As soon as your order ships, we’ll send you a confirmation email that will contain tracking & carrier information.

What does “Retention” mean?

If tracking shows "Retention" status, the package is either held in customs for inspection or was delivered with no one to receive it. You (or the recipient) should have received a slip from the carrier with pickup instructions. 

If you did not receive a slip, the package may still be in customs. Wait a few days for customs clearance. We also recommend contacting your local post office as soon as possible to resolve the issue. 

What does “Arrived at the Collection Point” mean?

If the tracking says "Item arrival at the collection point for pick-up", your parcel is ready to pick up at your local post office branch. Contact your local post office immediately or your item will be shipped back to us!

If tracking shows "Item Arrival At Collection Point", go to your local post office ASAP with your tracking number and valid photo ID.  

If you do not know your local post office location, call your country's main post office helpline to find out where your item is being held. If you do not do this within a certain time, your package will be shipped back to Japan.

Why was my package marked as delivered but it’s not here?

There is often a lag between an item showing as "delivered" and the actual delivery. Sometimes delivery takes 3-4 days or up to 1 week after marking delivered.

If your package does not arrive within 5 business days of being marked delivered, contact your local post office first. Then contact us at shotenguys@shotengai.com so we can proceed to next steps. 

Returns and Cancellations

What is the refund policy?

Because we curate perishable, gourmet snacks with short shelf lives, all Shotengai.com purchases are final and non-refundable. We do not accept returns.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. While we do not offer refunds, we aim to resolve problems and ensure you have a positive experience. Our support team is here to help! Contact us at shotenguys@shotengai.com or use our Contact Us page if:

1. Your order is delayed over 4 weeks from the ship date.

2. A missing or lost order is reported within 10 weeks of the shipping notification.

What is the subscription cancellation policy?

Cancel subscriptions at least 1 day before renewal to avoid charges. We will charge the next installment on the 1st of each month (please note that we are using Japan Standard Time (JST) for the time zone). To avoid renewal charges, please cancel your subscription by the end of the preceding month. Canceling only stops future renewals, not current orders. If canceled after renewal, you get that last box, then no more.

Subscription renewals are non-refundable. Act fast to avoid an unwanted final box and charges! Our policy aims for clear expectations. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

My box arrived damaged!

We sincerely apologize for the unfortunate situation you have experienced. While we strive for every box to arrive in perfect condition, regrettably, we are unable to directly oversee the entire delivery process from start to finish.

If one of the items is damaged (melted, defective, etc.), immediately email a photo to shotenguys@shotengai.com or use our Contact Us page. We will help resolve the issue. 

To ensure a prompt resolution from our support team, please provide the following pictures:

Pictures of all sides of the box, including both missing and damaged items.

Pictures of all items received in the box, including both missing and damaged items.

For damaged item issues, please include individual item pictures highlighting the specific damaged parts.

Please note: As temperatures rise, we cannot guarantee chocolate will arrive in good condition. Above 73 degrees Farenheit, chocolate may be slightly damaged. Above degrees 82 degrees Farenheit, chocolate can melt during shipping. We are not responsible for temperature-related damage during shipping. Additionally, broken items like cookies, chips, or other fragile snacks may not qualify for replacement.

If a product itself is not damaged, any damage to the box or packaging of a product will not be eligible for replacement. Minor cosmetic damages, such as small scratches, may not be eligible for compensation.

What if my box is lost?

If you receive a letter about a lost box, email us a photo so we can send a new one immediately!


When will my subscription be billed?

We charge your card immediately when you first sign up. We will charge the next installment on the 1st of each month (please note that we are using Japan Standard Time (JST) for the time zone).

After that initial payment, we charge renewal fees based on the subscription plan you chose:

Monthly plan - Charged every 1 month

3-month plan - Charged every 3 months

6-month plan - Charged every 6 months 

Annual plan - Charged every 12 months

We aim for clearly communicated renewal cycles and open account management. Let us know if you have any billing questions or need to update payment info!

What currency can I use for billing?

Currently, we only accept payment in US dollars (USD).We do not bill or process charges in other currencies. 

Will I be charged VAT, customs taxes, or fees?

Import laws differ in each country. You are responsible for any customs fees or taxes on your order. Shotengai has no control over these charges. We cannot predict or refund import fees levied by your local government. Please factor these potential costs into your purchase decision. Please reach out with any import duty questions. We're happy to provide order details to help resolve issues, but cannot directly refund these types of government-levied charges. We appreciate your understanding and support.