Healthy & Safe: 3 Allergy-Friendly Snacks in Shotengai's Boxes

Healthy & Safe: 3 Allergy-Friendly Snacks in Shotengai's Boxes

Shotengai offers a healthy, safe, and delicious way to enjoy snacks. Finding allergy-friendly snacks for individuals with food allergies can be challenging. Companies in the U.S. are required to list a product that contains any of the top 9 allergens on the label. Fortunately, our Shotengai box provides tasty alternatives that you can safely enjoy.

Nevers Gluten-Free Cut Baumkuchen

Nevers Gluten-Free Cut Baum


Nevers has developed a "gluten-free" baking technology to ensure that wheat allergy sufferers can safely consume its products. For more than 10 years, Nevers has been using rice flour instead of wheat flour to make confectionery. In Japan, there are many snacks made with rice flour instead of wheat flour, such as Mugen∞Yasou Gluten-Free Biscuit, which can also be found in our Shotengai box. This is due to Japan's high rice production and recent increases in the price of wheat flour, making rice flour a popular substitute for manufacturers.

We've all had the experience of taking a bite of gluten-free food and wishing it didn't taste so healthy. However, Nevers Gluten-Free Baumkuchen Slice has a flavor that is almost identical to ordinary baked goods, despite being gluten-free. Rice flour has a texture and flavor similar to wheat flour, only moist and something you can sink your teeth into. The delicate and delicious taste of Nevers Gluten-Free Baumkuchen Slice comes from the combination of butter, rice flour, eggs, sugar, and the subtle sweetness of marzipan and rum, resulting in a simple yet delightful flavor.

Petit Pomme Breadfruit Flour Biscuit

Petit Pomme Breadfruit Flour Biscuit


While the large fruits of the breadfruit tree are a staple food in the South Pacific and other tropical regions, they have never been used as an ingredient in other areas and countries. Fortunately, Petit Pomme discovered that wild breadfruit flour tastes no different from wheat flour, with no strange flavors. They use nutrient-rich breadfruit flour instead of wheat flour to produce their gluten-free cookies.

In addition, while people living in tropical countries mostly consume cultivated breadfruit, the fruit from wild trees often goes to waste. However, Petit Pomme uses these wild breadfruit as its raw material. As a result, these cookies are not only delicious, nutritious and gluten-free, but also environmentally friendly. For most people, Petit Pomme's creative Breadfruit Flour Biscuit is a new product worth trying.

C.Tria Corn Snack

C.Tria Corn Snack

C.Tria Corn Snack has a unique texture that is both crunchy and fluffy at the same time. Unlike ordinary corn snacks, C.Tria uses Grilous powder as the seasoning for the snack, which has a refreshing taste. Grilous powder is a seasoning made from crickets. It used to be made from seafood (shrimp, crab and shellfish) or meat (pork and beef). Therefore, this snack can be safely consumed by people with seafood allergies. Because crickets are high in protein, they are the perfect substitute for seafood and meat.

The edible cricket was developed by several Japanese graduate students in Tokushima Prefecture. The students even created a manga comic to promote their project. They found that eating crickets has many environmental benefits. These crickets feed primarily on food waste, and since Japan has one of the highest rates of food waste among developed countries, raising them helps reduce food waste. In addition, crickets require only 1/10 of the water and 1/6 of the feed to produce the same amount of high-quality protein as cattle, making cricket powder a more energy-efficient choice.


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