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Yakushigama: Where History Meets Modernity in Exquisite Ceramics

Aichi Prefecture’s Seto city is a center for ceramic ware, with a history of 1,000 years.
The ceramics brand Yakushigama(Yakushi Kiln), produced by Chugai Toen, founded on August 13, 1952, employs techniques that were used in the production of Seto novelty ornaments from the Meiji era onwards. Some examples of Yakushigama products are seasonal ornaments, such as girls’ and boys’ festival dolls, Chinese zodiac ornaments, and Maneki-neko beckoning cats, designed as modern decorative ornaments with a Japanese taste.

  • Historic Roots in Seto, Japan

    Discovers the heritage of Seto, Aichi Prefecture, renowned for its thousand-year-old ceramic tradition.

  • Preserving Meiji-Era Craftsmanship

    Chugai Toen proudly continues the legacy of Yakushigama ceramics, rooted in traditional techniques since the Meiji era.

  • Seasonal Delights

    Explore our exquisite range of seasonal ornaments, including zodiac figurines, lucky cats, hina dolls, and May dolls.

  • Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

    Yakushigama blends authentic local craftsmanship with contemporary design elements, offering a modern Japanese decorative style.

  • Celebrating Local Culture

    Experience the essence of Japanese aesthetics through our diverse collection inspired by regional traditions and artistic innovation.

  • Elevate Your Space with Japanese Elegance

    Enhance your décor with Yakushigama's unique decorative ornaments, crafted with passion and precision in every detail.

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  • Origin and Historical Significance

    The term "Yakushigama" is derived from a miniature shrine dedicated to Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of medicine, which stood within the grounds of Chugai Toen until the end of the Edo Era. It was said to have been built by the Buddhist priest Gyoki.

  • Cultural Legacy and Annual Festival

    Yakushi Nyorai is currently enshrined in Seto’s Hosenji Temple, and every year on November 8th and 12th , a festival is held in his honor. The festival has become a late-autumn tradition of Seto city.

  • Divine Protection, Decorative Charm

    Yakushigama ceramics are said to offer Yakushi Nyorai’s divine protection to those suffering from eye conditions, while the ornaments’ eye-catching designs promote a sense of calm and enjoyment wherever they are displayed.


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