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Since its inception in 1958, the "Beijing" watch brand has remained committed to crafting intricate movements and bespoke timepieces of the highest caliber. The brand's pioneering ethos, rooted in individuality, has consistently driven its evolution and adaptation to changing times.

At the outset, 21 visionaries in watchmaking came together to establish the Beijing Watch brand. Fearlessly merging cutting-edge technology, impeccable artisanship, and refined design, they paved the way for the brand's entry into the realm of horology.

As a distinguished brand boasting autonomous watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch places paramount importance on craftsmanship and artistic finesse. Drawing inspiration from contemporary interpretations of Oriental aesthetics, it seamlessly merges meticulous craftsmanship with rich cultural significance.

  • 1958.06

    On June 19th, 21 pioneering watchmakers established the Beijing brand, opening the door to the world of watchmaking.

  • 1958.09

    The first wristwatch of the Beijing brand, the 'Type 1 Watch,' was launched, marking an epoch-making representative work for Beijing Watch.

  • 1960

    Beijing Watch reached a new milestone by establishing its location in Changping District, Beijing.

  • 1963.10

    On October 16th, Peng Zhen, who was the Mayor of Beijing at the time and a key decision-maker in the founding of Beijing Watch, promoted the brand's inception and development, visited to provide guidance, and gave full affirmation to Beijing Watch.

  • 1995

    The master watchmaker, Mr. Xu Yaonan, began the research and design of the tourbillon movement for the Beijing brand, and was later honored as the 'Father of the Chinese Tourbillon'.

  • 2001-Present

    Beijing Watch achieved a new breakthrough in craftsmanship with the TB01 movement, making the watch thinner while adding power reserve and calendar functions.

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