Shinise (VII): Kikkoya

Shinise (VII): Kikkoya

Tottori City, in Tottori Prefecture, is known for being the prefectural capital with the lowest population and density in Japan. Located in the San'in region, it serves as the gateway to the scenic wonders of this area. Tottori offers not only a fascinating history but also a range of delectable local specialties. From the famous Nijisseiki pears and Matsuba crab to the exquisite white squid and premium Wagyu beef, Tottori's culinary delights are sure to satisfy any palate. Don't miss the chance to explore long-established eateries and traditional confectionery shops that embody the region's rich food culture.

Kikkoya——Found in 1868

Kikkou Monaka

Nestled in a convenient location, just a short 4-minute stroll from the Hommachi Ichome bus stop and approximately a leisurely 16-minute walk from Tottori Station, lies the esteemed Kikkoya. As you approach Kikkoya, the exterior facade exudes an old-world charm that beckons visitors inside. The inviting storefront hints at the treasures that await within, enticing passersby with the promise of artisanal delights.

This historic Japanese confectionery shop holds an esteemed reputation as Tottori's finest purveyor of traditional sweets. Its fascinating story can be traced back to 1632 (Kan'ei 9), when it made a momentous move from Kikko in Okayama Prefecture to Tottori. The relocation was prompted by the transfer of the Tottori feudal lord, and with it, the humble beginnings of Kikkoya took shape.

Originally established as a textile dyeing business, Kikkoya embarked on a new chapter in 1868 (Keio 4) when they began crafting their renowned masterpiece – the Kikko Monaka. It is a traditional confection crafted with premium glutinous rice to create a crispy outer shell, while carefully chosen adzuki beans from Hokkaido are used to make the smooth and sweet red bean paste. This extraordinary confection is expertly handcrafted using intricate techniques, resulting in a meticulously designed tortoiseshell pattern that adorns each delicate piece. This marked a pivotal moment in the shop's history, as it solidified its position as a dedicated confectionery establishment committed to upholding traditional craftsmanship.

Kikkoya's offerings extend beyond their iconic Kikko Monaka. One of my absolute favorites is the Tottori Blanket Cake. To say that it exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. The moment I took a bite, I was captivated by its exceptional qualities. The cake's moist texture was simply divine, and as I savored each morsel, I couldn't help but notice the delicate aroma of brandy intertwined with its subtle sweetness. It truly showcased a sophisticated flavor profile that left a lasting impression.

Not only does the Tottori Blanket Cake excel in taste, but its packaging also adds to its charm. Adorning the package is an illustration that beautifully represents local toys and specialties from the Tottori region. This unique touch makes it more than just a delectable treat; it transforms into a delightful and memorable souvenir.

What surprised me even more was the range of sizes available for the Blanket Cake. From large to medium and small, there is an option to suit everyone's preference. Even the large size comes at a reasonable price of just 1200 yen, making it an incredible value for such an exquisite delicacy.

As much as I adored the small size I purchased, I must admit that I regret not opting for a larger one. Its tantalizing flavors and enticing aroma left me craving for more. It's safe to say that I will make sure to indulge in a larger size next time to fully satisfy my sweet tooth.

Address: Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, Katahara 2-chome, 116

photo from:亀甲や7/26/2023

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