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About Peacock Watches

Peacock Watches originated in 1957 and is located in the beautiful border city of Dandong. From its inception, exquisite design and exceptional craftsmanship have been the core pursuits of Peacock Watches, continuously leading the development and innovation of Chinese watchmaking.

Today, Peacock Watches is one of the few brands worldwide capable of integrating over 160 techniques. It independently develops movements, designs its watches, and truly achieves the independent manufacturing of high-end timepieces.

Independent Development of High-End Movements in China

The movement of a watch is akin to the engine of a car; it is the heart and soul of the watch. For over 66 years, Peacock Watches has focused on one goal, independently developing more than 300 high-end movements, establishing itself as a true leader in the industry.

From the initial concept, sketch drafting, the creation of every tiny component, repeated polishing and adjustments, to the final assembly—every step of movement manufacturing is precisely and independently completed by Peacock Watches.

  • 1957

    In the 1950s, seven metalworkers at the Anton Metal Products Factory handcrafted the first "Qianjin" (Forward) brand watch.

  • 1973

    The production of the Hongqi brand unified movement watch began, and it was officially renamed the "Peacock Watch." The peacock, a traditional auspicious bird in China, is considered the king of all birds and symbolizes elegance and nobility.

  • 1980

    In the mid-1980s, with an annual production of over 3.8 million watches, the frenzied buying was praised with the saying "The peacock flies in without landing." As a result, it also earned the reputation of being the "Geneva of the East."

  • 1999

    They were the first in the country to develop a multifunctional chronograph watch, featuring both manual and automatic winding, a stop-seconds function, and a three o'clock window displaying the date and day. The design comprised a total of 300 components.

  • 2003

    They were the first to successfully develop a tourbillon watch and became the earliest company in the country to achieve large-scale production of tourbillon products.

  • 2022

    In 2022, Peacock Watch Group was awarded the titles of "Specialized and Innovative 'Little Giant' Enterprise" at both the provincial level in Liaoning and the national level in China.

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