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    China Chen's Ding Ware Baby Pillow

    China Chen's Ding Ware Baby Pillow

    DING WARE ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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      The China Chen's Ding Ware Baby Pillow is a representative work of Ding Ware handicrafts. The cherubic baby has a plump face and bright eyes. He is wearing a slit robe, a waistcoat, and trousers. The insteps of his feet are raised and he is lying on an oval bed. He is very naughty and cute. There are three handed down works, one is hidden in the Forbidden City in Beijing, and the other two are hidden in Taipei, Taiwan. According to legend, anyone who seeks a child will get a tiger cub if he gets his porcelain baby. China Chen's Ding Ceramic imitates the same, which is really a rare treasure.

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      Item Form: Ding Ware Handicraft
      Quantity: 1 Handicraft Baby Pillow
      Size: Small 17.6cm x 7.2cm x 10.8cm, Medium 28cm x 11.8cm x 14.6cm, Large 33cm x 13.6cm x 17.5cm
      Material: Ding Ware White Glaze
      Origin: Quyang (Belonged to Dingzhou in the Song Dynasty), Hebei, China

      • Make a Pot of Fresh Tea

      • Taste a Cup of Odoriferous Tea

      • Appreciate the Elegance and Charm of Ding Ware

      • Understand the True Meaning of Life

      Chinese Ding ware handicraft

      Profound History

      Porcelain pillows have a long history and were popular in the Sui, Tang, Song and Yuan Dynasties. People liked to use porcelain pillows and jade pillows to refresh themselves. This product is a replica of the official kiln work of the Northern Song Dynasty. The original work is collected in the Palace Museum.

      Chinese Ding ware handicraft

      National Treasure Archives

      At the end of 2012, the "National Humanities and History" magazine sponsored by the People's Daily invited nine cultural relics and archaeological experts to weigh and choose the cultural relics in China's collections. On January 1, 2013, the magazine grandly launched China's nine "national treasures". The white Ding Ware Baby Pillow in the Northern Song Dynasty is among them.

      Qianlong Imperial Title

      According to the "Archives of the Construction Office of the Household Affairs Bureau of the Qing Palace", Emperor Qianlong ordered people to take out the Baby Pillow four times in his 36th, 38th, 39th and 40th years. At that time, he also ordered the preparation of wooden seats and brocade cushions for the cooling pillows and composed four poems for the Baby Pillow.

      National Treasure Replica

      The Baby Pilow imitating the Song Dynasty Ding Ware was re-engraved by Chen Wenzeng, an erudite master of contemporary Ding Ware techniques and a perspicacious pioneer of Chinese arts and crafts. The porcelain clay from the Quyang ore was used to inherit the Ding Ware official porcelain standard of the Song Dynasty, and the traditional Ding Ware craftsmanship was used to perfectly present the charm of a national treasure. In 2016, the Palace Museum collects the master work Baby Pillow of Chen Wenzeng.

      Praying for Blessings

      Porcelain pillows were used by ancient people to enjoy the coolness in summer. They not only have the effect of cooling down and relieving heat, but also have the function of curing diseases and maintaining health. "Compendium of Materia Medica" written by Li Shizhen, a medical scientist in the Ming Dynasty, recorded: "Lying on a porcelain pillow for a long time can improve eyesight, and you can read carefully when you are old."

      Keep Healthy

      Sun Simiao also records that white porcelain powder has the effect of stopping vomiting and detoxifying, especially Ding Ware powder is the best. Among all porcelain pillows, the Ding Ware Baby Pillow ranks first. It is particularly famous and represents the craftsmanship of Ding Ware. In the Song Dynasty, people had a beautiful meaning of praying for peace and prosperity for the country.

      • Chinese Ding ware tea set


        Large enterprises and universities cooperate in supplying

      • Chinese Ding ware tea set


        Yield as low as 10%

      • Chinese Ding ware tea set


        Authoritative testing, safe to use, safety level 20 times higher than the national standard

      • Chinese Ding ware handicraft

        Collection of the Forbidden City

        Recommended by CCTV, with the highest commendation

      • Chinese Ding ware handicraft

        Intangible Cultural Heritage

        Designated by the National Museum, the first batch of selected Chinese National Art Treasures

      • Chinese Ding ware handicraft

        Established in 1976

        Ding Ware firing techniques protection unit, with Premier Zhou's care of
        Chen Wenzeng's team

      • Chinese Ding ware handicraft

        Inheriting the Ancient Craftsmanship

        Fired at a high temperature of more than 1,300 degrees, the lost technique of the Song Dynasty has been restored

      Chinese Ding ware handicraft

      Ding Ware, the Pinnacle of Aesthetics in the Song Dynasty

      Ding Ware is presented as tribute at the Song imperial court. It is among the Five Great Wares (the others being Ru, Jun, Guan and Ge) identified by a 14th-century writer, and is subsequently sought-after by connoisseurs and collectors. Ding Ware originated in Quyang, Hebei Province. Because Quyang belonged to Dingzhou in ancient times, it was named "Ding Ware". Ding Ware zest began in the Sui Dynasty, reached its peak in the Song Dynasty, and was lost to the Yuan Dynasty. Yuan Gongyu lasted for 500 years, and was unique in the world for its decorative techniques such as carving, scratching, and printing. It is known as "white as jade, as ethereal as paper, and as melodious as a chime".

      Chinese Ding ware handicraft

      The Billion-Year-Old Jianci Soil Created the Most Glamorous Ding Ware in the Song Dynasty

      The unique raw material of Ding Ware is Jianci soil of Quyang formed in the Cretaceous period hundreds of millions of years ago. It is resistant to high temperatures, has good plasticity, and is of fine quality. Even if you put it in your mouth and chew it, it will not feel gritty. The secret formula of Ding Ware white glaze is composed of abundant quartz and calcite resources and unique Taoli soil near the Ding Ware site, and has obvious regional characteristics. China Chen's Ding Ceramic products insist on using original ore tires and glazes. There are ninety-nine processes of making Ding Ware. China Chen's Ding Ceramic took official ceramic from of Ding Ware in the Song Dynasty as a specimen and followed the ancient sophisticated techniques, from the selection of raw materials to the drawing, molding, engraving, glazing, and firing of each process. The warmth injected by the craftsmen is also the charm of handmade utensils. In response to the national environmental protection policy, Quyang issued a "Restricted Mining Order" to restrict the procurement and purchase of local minerals. The source of culture is abundant, but natural resources are not inexhaustible.

      Customer FAQ

      What was Ding Ware used for?

      The Song Dynasty Ding Ware produced vessels such as bowls, dishes, jars, cups, cases, vases and pots – all for daily use. One of the most important contributions of the Ding Ware was the invention of the inverted firing method.

      What is the history of China Chen's Ding Ceramic?

      In the 1970s, under the care of Premier Zhou Enlai, Chen Wenzeng led his partners Lin Zhanxian and He Huan over forty years to comprehensively decipher the process of Ding ceramic and restore and develop the lost Ding Ware skills. It is named China Chen's Ding Ceramic after the surname of Master Chen Wenzeng, and is called the founding brand of contemporary Ding Ware by the industry.

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