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    Hao Cheng Purple Clay Dongpo Handle Teapot

    Hao Cheng Purple Clay Dongpo Handle Teapot


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      This teapot is made of high-quality purple clay from Huang Long Mountain. The Dongpo handle was designed by Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, when he was living in Yixing. He was dissatisfied with the small size of the purple clay pots at that time, so he designed a large teapot named Dongpo handle. 

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      Item Form: Purple Clay Teapot
      Quantity: 1 Teapot
      Capacity: Teapot 260ml
      Material: Purple Clay
      Master: Li Xia
      Origin: Yixing, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China

      • Warmth and Authenticity

        Provide you with a real Chinese Yixing purple clay teapot, so that you can feel the warmth of the purple clay craftsman's palm even in a foreign country.

      • Time-Honored Treasure

        As Yixing time-honored brand, Hao Cheng Purple Clay hands over the real handmade purple clay teapots from the masters to you.

      • Necessity and Fun

        Gu Jingzhou, a contemporary purple clay master, said that you can drink tea with a teacup, a glass cup, a bowl, or a clay pot, so why pursue Yixing pots? Because this is fun.

      • Delicacy and Delight

        After busy work, choosing a favorite purple clay teapot, tasting a pot of tea and immersing yourself in a hobby or a more natural lifestyle is the greatest relaxation for the body and mind.

      Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

      Many Versions Since Ancient Times

      There have been many versions since ancient times. The final design was organized by Wang Shijie, the principal of Yixing Vocational School, in the spring of 1932.

      Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

      Wonderful Combination Design

      It is a combination of the traditional handle and the double beams of the late Qing Dynasty.

      Classic Capacity, Beautiful Shape

      It is one of the most beautiful shapes in the purple clay teapot category and is also loved and favored by the majority of teapot lovers. Classic capacity, a good product for entertaining guests.

      Splendid Honors of Li Xia

      Li Xia, National Arts and Crafts Artist, Member of China Arts and Crafts Society, Ceramic Art Celebrity of Jiangsu Province, Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage. In 2015, her work "Antique Pot" won the "Gold Medal of Chinese Arts and Crafts" at the China Arts and Crafts Masters Expo. In 2016, her work "Spring Offering" won "China Art Hundred Flowers Award" Gold Medal at China International Cultural Industry Expo Trade Fair Winter Arts and Crafts Exhibition. In 2019, her work "Putting a Pot" won the "First Prize" in the 8th "Earth Prize" Ceramic Creation Innovation Design Competition of the International Fine Ceramics Expo.

      Brief Introduction to Li Xia

      Influenced by purple clay culture since childhood, and receiving rigorous and formal training from famous teachers, she has established a high artistic focus and her skills have advanced by leaps and bounds. After systematic study of purple clay theory and art in the later period, she gained a deeper understanding and unique insights into purple clay art. In the innovative works that she used to incorporate the artistic language, her skills became increasingly mature and exquisite. There is some research on clay materials, including Shen Jing Purple clay, Agarwood clay, Peach Blossom clay, White Jade clay, Tian Qing clay, and Sesame clay.

      Simple and Elegant, Great Emphasis on Refinement

      A deep understanding of the characteristics of clay materials and knowledge of color matching can better reflect the essence of purple clay teapots. The works are simple and elegant, with great emphasis on refinement. They are good at expressing traditional inner concepts and integrating modern external expression techniques to reflect the highlights of the original works. The works she produced have won dozens of awards, including the China Art and Design, China-Korea Ceramic Culture Exchange Exhibition, and the "Earth Award" Gold Medal, and have been collected by many museums. She has been invited to South Korea, France, the United Kingdom and other places for ceramic art exchanges many times. Very popular among collectors.

      • Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

        Uniqueness and Ingenuity

        Mechanized mass production is definitely not a real purple clay teapot. Purple clay teapots are handmade clay crafts unique to China. Each pot is unique and has great ingenuity.

      • Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

        Combination of Practicality and Artistry

        It takes a lot of effort to appreciate the pot. It is the combination of practicality and artistry that makes purple clay teapots precious.

      • Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

        The Biggest Chaos in the Market

        It is difficult to buy a real handmade purple clay teapot. Most of the collectors who claim to be professional collect only semi-handmade pots throughout their lives, let alone fully handmade.

      • Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

        Iron Mica Sand Particles

        The original ore clay contains rich minerals that are beneficial to the human body. There may be black, yellow, and silver particles on the surface of the pot. This is because the clay shrinks after high temperature. The traces of iron sand particles are representative of the original ore clay, not defects.

      • Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

        Opening the Teapot

        Wash the kiln sand and dust on the pot with clean water, fill the pot with boiling water and pour it over the pot body three times. Soak the teapot in hot water or tea for about half an hour to remove any residual heat and make the teapot more mellow. After soaking, dry the teapot with a cloth and place it upside down on a tea tray to air dry.

      • Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

        Teapot Maintenance

        Normal brewing and maintenance, dark clay is best to brew tea with dark tea soup (such as black tea and Pu'er) and light clay with light tea soup (such as white tea, raw tea, green tea). After each use, wipe the pot body with a semi-dry soft cloth and wait for the next use. Over time, a patina will gradually form on the surface of the teapot.

      • Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

        Flower Mud

        The clay of the pot body with a small part of different colors is flower mud. In fact, it is the color difference of the selected clay material oxidized in advance after the production is completed. This phenomenon only occurs in the original ore clay. If chemical ingredients are added, there will be no sealing glaze. It will disappear or decrease after long-term soaking.

      Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

      The Differences between Full-Handmade and Semi-Handmade

      Full-handmade and semi-handmade purple clay pots have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it cannot be simply said which one is better or worse. When buying a purple clay pot, you should choose according to your personal needs and preferences. For some tea lovers who need to show their personality and uniqueness, a full-handmade purple clay pot may be more suitable, while for some tea lovers who focus on practicality and affordable prices, a semi-handmade purple clay pot may be more suitable.

      Chinese Purple Clay Teapot

      Manifestation of Traditional Handicrafts

      The production process of purple clay pots is unique. Whether it is full-handmade or semi-handmade, it is a manifestation of traditional handicrafts. We should respect the hard work of every artist and pay attention to the quality of the purple clay pots they make, rather than simply judging their value by the production process. At the same time, with the advancement of science and technology and the process of industrialization, traditional handicrafts are facing greater challenges. We should cherish traditional culture, support the development of traditional handicrafts, and let this ancient art be passed on.

      Customer FAQ

      What are the benefits of purple clay teapot?

      The iron-rich purple clay material will generate numerous pores in the firing process, which enables the tea set possessed of both heat and freshness retaining properties and ensures that the tea or foam in purple clay teapot would not go bad after days of storage.

      What is the Five Stamps?

      1. Stamp surname 2. Stamp author name or surname. 3. The stamp is generally the author's surname. 4. The stamp on the bottom of the pot is generally the author's full name square stamp. 5. The inner wall stamp is the same as the bottom stamp. Five Stamps do not represent the quality of the purple clay pot, nor can it be used to identify the craftsmanship of the purple clay pot, it is only for reference. The stamp can be made later. As for how many seals to stamp, it is determined by the masters according to the shapes of the pots and personal habits.

      Will my package be packed safely?

      We pack your products carefully to ensure a trouble-free delivery of your goods. We regularly ship more than hundreds of packages per month, but only a few cause problems. We guarantee our products to arrive in perfect condition. If the items from your order are damaged during shipping, we are deeply sorry but please get in touch with our customer support with a detailed photo of the damage within 30 days of your delivery. We will exchange or refund as soon as we can confirm.

      Where will my order be shipped from?

      All orders will be shipped from China. Our international shipping is offered through China post, DHL, and FedEx. About return: Support seven days without reason, you can make tea, if you still don't like it, please tie the straps and order seven days without reason without bumping and affecting the secondary sales. About unpacking: Open the package, please be careful to untie the straps, it is best to check on a soft cloth to confirm whether the teapot is intact. About drooling: Please be more tolerant of handmade pots, handmade cannot guarantee a perfect fit, if there is a slight drooling phenomenon, it will change after the oil in the tea soup penetrates.