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    Kopi Luwak Instant Black Coffee

    Kopi Luwak Instant Black Coffee

    KOPI LUWAK ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    Indulge in the world of Kopi Luwak with our meticulously sourced, slow-roasted civet coffee beans. This instant black coffee unlocks a symphony of flavors - refreshing mint, delicate honey, and rich nuts - in every cup. Our ultra-fine grind technology ensures unparalleled smoothness that dissolves instantly, even in cold water. Enjoy it hot or cold, customize it with your favorite milk or explore it as an Americano or latte. Sugar-free, additive-free, and trans-fat-free, this is pure indulgence that elevates your coffee experience.

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    Item Form: Instant Coffee
    Flavor: Black Coffee
    Item Weight: 60 Gram (30 Sachets)

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      No Sugar

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      No Artificial Flavor

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      No Non-dairy Creamer

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      No Trans Fat

    Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

    Kopi Luwak: The World's Most Luxurous Coffee

    Kopi Luwak coffee, also known as civet coffee, is cherished for its elusive allure. Sourced from the choicest coffee cherries meticulously selected by civets in high-altitude plantations, each bean undergoes a unique fermentation process within the civet's digestive system. The result? A coffee with a distinct and complex flavor profile that tantalizes the senses.
    Kopi Luwak coffee is the world's most luxurious coffee. The high price tag stems from the limited supply of these unique beans. Wild civets, the primary producers of civet coffee, can only produce a finite amount each year. In fact, the global production of civet coffee hovers around a mere 500 kilograms
    Crafted with care, each batch of Kopi Luwak is carefully collected, cleaned, and roasted to perfection. The outcome is a prized coffee delicacy celebrated for its velvety smoothness, rich depth, and captivating aroma. Elevate your coffee experience and indulge in the extraordinary with Kopi Luwak.

    Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

    Yunnan Coffee: A Divine Gift Bestowed upon the Chinese People

    Nestled within China's southwestern highlands, Yunnan province holds the esteemed title of China's Coffee Capital. Sharing the same coveted latitude as Colombia, a world-renowned coffee-growing region, Yunnan enjoys a frost-free climate with a remarkable 16°C temperature difference between day and night. This unique natural endowment has given rise to coffee beans of exceptional quality.
    In 1902, a French missionary introduced foreign coffee seeds to Yunnan, setting the stage for a century of cultivation and refinement. In the 1980s, an American coffee roasting master declared, "The world's finest coffee grows in China's Yunnan province, a divine gift bestowed upon the Chinese people." Today, renowned international coffee brands like Starbucks proudly incorporate Yunnan coffee into their blends.
    Yunnan's coffee plantations cultivate exclusively Arabica beans, smaller in size than those grown in other regions, earning them the moniker "small-grain coffee." This variety shares its lineage with the highly prized Blue Mountain coffee, also an Arabica cultivar. Yunnan coffee beans exude an intense aroma and a distinctive fruity fragrance. These very characteristics are further enhanced when consumed by wild civets, resulting in the unique flavor profile of civet coffee, distinct from those produced in other countries.

    Unleash the Essence of Coffee

    Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Kopi Luwak, meticulously crafted to capture its true essence. We handpick only the finest coffee beans, ensuring an exceptional experience in every cup.

    Refreshing Mint Meets Nutty Delight

    This unique coffee offers an unexpected flavor adventure. Escape the ordinary with invigorating mint notes that dance on your tongue. Delicate honey sweetness adds a touch of comfort, harmonizing perfectly with the refreshing coolness. As the coffee lingers, a rich, nutty aroma emerges, creating a surprising and delightful complexity. This symphony of flavors, from the initial burst of mint to the lingering nutty finish, will leave you savoring every sip.

    Unleash Your Coffee Creativity

    This versatile blend caters to every preference. Enjoy it hot or cold, savor it pure or add a touch of milk, oat milk, or even sparkling water. Craft your ideal iced beverage, be it a classic Americano or a creamy latte. Feeling rushed? Our unique formula lets you enjoy instant cold brew – simply add coffee grounds to ice water and watch them dissolve in seconds. This coffee offers endless possibilities, ensuring a delightful experience no matter your taste or brewing preference.

    Unveiling the Essence of Coffee: A Revolutionary Extraction Technique

    Witness coffee perfection with our revolutionary extraction technique. This meticulous process unlocks 95% of the bean's original taste, boosting coffee intensity by 70% for a richer, deeper experience. Smoothness isn't forgotten, with a 51% increase in richness for a velvety texture. Aroma explodes 46% stronger, while a lingering sweetness 62% more pronounced leaves you wanting more. Micron Grinding elevates this further. Ultra-fine coffee powder dissolves rapidly, ensuring all the extracted richness reaches your cup for a truly extraordinary coffee experience.

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      Pour one packet of instant coffee into a cup.

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      Add 150ml of hot water at a ratio of 1:75 coffee to water.

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      Stir well and enjoy.

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      Sweet Tooth Lovers

      Accelerates fat burning

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      Coffee Aficionados

      Exquisite taste experience

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      Fitness Enthusiasts

      Boosts metabolism, enhances muscle strength

    • Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Speciality Instant Black Coffee

      Office Workers

      Sharpens the mind, increases energy

    Kopi Luwak Instant Black Coffee

    Your Fitness Companion: Unleash Your Inner Athlete

    Fuel your fitness journey with our all-natural black coffee, carefully crafted to complement your active lifestyle. Free from sugar, additives, and trans fats, our coffee provides a clean, energizing boost without compromising your health goals.

    Shotengai-Kopi Luwak Instant Black Coffee

    Fuel Your Fitness

    Enhance Fat Burning: Elevate metabolism and accelerate fat burning with our thermogenic coffee, powering your workouts and supporting weight management goals.

    Build Muscle Strength: Support muscle growth and recovery with caffeine and antioxidants, enhancing endurance and sculpting a lean physique.

    Promote Body Metabolism: Boost metabolism for improved digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall well-being.

    Pair with Exercise for Optimal Results: Combine our coffee with regular exercise to elevate workouts and enhance recovery for achieving fitness goals.

    Embrace a Healthier You: Start your journey to a healthier, fitter you with our natural black coffee as your trusted companion, invigorating and supporting your well-being.