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Paulownia Karakuri Safe Box

Paulownia Karakuri Safe Box

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Paulownia Karakuri Safe Box seamlessly blends functionality with beauty

Crafted from paulownia wood, renowned for its fire resistance, water resistance, and durability, it stands as the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Inspired by the traditional Japanese Karakuri chest, celebrated for its intricate mechanisms, this safe ensures security beyond conventional means. Without the key or knowledge of its operation, it remains impervious to forced entry.

Meticulously handcrafted by Japanese artisans through over a dozen intricate steps, its elegant design embodies the essence of Japanese aesthetics. Inspired by the principles of simplicity, harmony, and refinement, every detail reflects the timeless beauty of Japanese culture. With a reverence for nature and a focus on balance and symmetry, this piece embodies the delicate artistry and meticulous craftsmanship that define Japanese design.

Whether safeguarding precious belongings or serving as a decorative centerpiece, it offers the perfect balance of security and sophistication!

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Name: Paulownia Karakuri Safe Box
Dimension: (W) 400cm x (D) 350cm x (H) 360cm
Weight: 10kg
Material: Paulownia Wood

What is Karakuri Box?

The Karakuri Box is a traditional Japanese wooden box, designed to serve as both furniture and a jewelry box. These intricately crafted boxes often feature elaborate mechanisms and puzzles that must be solved to unlock them. Known for their premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and high safety standards, they are frequently used for storing valuables or displayed as decorative pieces.

Paulownia - The Best Timber

In Kamo City, Niigata, abundant natural resources, particularly timber, are widely utilized in furniture production. Here, the Paulownia tree thrives, known for its light yet sturdy wood, which possesses fire-resistant and waterproof properties, making it ideal for crafting jewelry boxes. When polished, this wood exudes a rich luster, enhancing the elegance of jewelry boxes. Despite changing times, paulownia remains the most suitable material for Japanese storage furniture.

Craftsmanship Spirit

During the Tenmei era (over 200 years ago), residents of Kamo City began crafting paulownia chest drawers. Recognizing paulownia's exceptional qualities, including its beautiful wood grain, warm texture, and the high level of craftsmanship involved, Kamo paulownia chest drawers was designated as a Traditional Craft in 1975.

While the function and form have evolved over time and with changing needs, the craftsmanship has been passed down and refined. Transforming raw wood into exquisite crafts requires over a dozen steps, including cutting, drying, joinery, drawer-making, painting, finishing, and metal fitting. Each step is meticulously executed by experienced Japanese artisans by hand. Therefore, it embodies the values and ethos of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Traditional Wisdom - Unrivaled Security

Derived from ancient artisanal traditions, our boxes employ intricate joinery techniques to offer the utmost security in the most timeless manner. Each box is accompanied by a unique wooden key card, without which the box cannot be opened by external force.

Forget about concerns regarding forgotten passwords, structural malfunctions, or sudden power outages. Our boxes provide protection for your treasures with the utmost traditional wisdom.