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    Seagull Cavalry General of Han Dynasty Watch 43mm

    Seagull Cavalry General of Han Dynasty Watch 43mm

    SEAGULL ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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      Discover the Seagull Adventure Series Journey Series Cavalry General of Han Dynasty Watch 43mm. Designed for adventure and inspired by the history of the Han Dynasty, this watch boasts precision with its 43mm size. Take on your next journey with style and confidence.

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      Movement Model: ST2130
      Movement Type: Self-Winding
      Frequency: 28,800 Vibrations/Hour
      Number of Jewels: 28 Jewels
      Power Reserve: 39 Hours
      Dial Color: Red/Black
      Glass: Synthetic Sapphire Crystal with Clear Anti-Reflective Coating
      Case: 316L Stainless Steel
      Caseback: Solid
      Strap: Cowhide Leather
      Buckle: Pin Buckle
      Diameter: Ø 43.00mm
      Thickness: 12.00mm
      Water Resistance: 100m

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      China Seagull Automatic Mechanical Watch

      Weapons and Horses, the Grandeur of the Han Dynasty.

      Drawing inspiration from Han culture, integrating the "Chinese spirit" throughout, and imbuing modern national trend design aesthetics, blending the excellence of Chinese civilization with timeless beauty.

      Using the Han Dynasty mysterious iron armor as a design element, the silhouette of the armor integrates the armor's color tones to create two gradient dials: mysterious iron black and fiery red. Accompanied by calendar windows shaped like mysterious iron-colored armor pieces. The second hand design is refined from the ancestor of weapons, the Han Dynasty's ring-headed sword, swinging to strike down enemies with majestic presence.

      China Seagull Automatic Mechanical Watch

      Cold Gleam, Iron Armor, Unmatched Sharpness.

      The case back is embossed with a raised "漢" (Han) seal script font in oil pressure, and the 12-hour markers are three-dimensional characters taken from the epitaph of He Junge's Han script, showcasing the profound and solid aura, embodying the majestic spirit. The bezel of the mysterious iron black dial is engraved with "中国制造" (Made in China) in Han seal script at the 6 o'clock position, exuding an ancient and robust charm, symbolizing a towering and resolute demeanor.

      Featuring the self-developed Seagull ST2130 movement, crafted with rigorous Chinese watchmaking techniques, ensuring precision with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, achieving eternal timekeeping. In the art of refining time, it captures the grandeur of historical context.

      Ironclad War God, Eternal Han Spirit.

      The young general in fresh attire, riding a spirited horse, embodies the unwavering determination of a rock. On the side, a plaque engraved with a stone-carved reclining horse captures a rugged and vigorous masculinity.

      Iron armor had already stepped onto the stage of warfare during the Han Dynasty. Han Dynasty iron armor, also known as "xuanjia," and zhajia are common styles of Chinese iron armor, with zhajia being a widely used type of armor in practical combat. From generals to soldiers, they commonly wore zhajia armor.

      Dominating all Directions, Swallowing Thousands of Miles.

      The ancestor of a hundred weapons, cutting down enemy soldiers. The design of the second hand originates from the Han Dynasty ring-pommel sword, with a single-edged blade rotating clockwise, displaying a majestic presence.

      The ring-pommel sword emerged during the Western Han Dynasty and served as a close combat weapon against Xiongnu cavalry. The Western Han Dynasty was an era of significant iron and steel production. Through repeated folding, forging, and quenching of iron, the sword's blade could be made sharper and more resilient by precipitating carbon.

      Chinese-style Gift Box with an Accompanying Brocade Pouch.

      The design inspiration comes from the "Five Stars Rise in the East" Han Dynasty Shu brocade arm guard, featuring vibrant colors, beautiful patterns, and auspicious elegance. It embodies the Han Dynasty's yin-yang and five elements philosophy, symbolizing the inclusive and broad-minded spirit of the Han nation, which embraced cultural fusion and openness.



      • 28,800 VIBRATIONS/HOUR





      Tianjin Seagull: Pioneering Chinese Watchmaking Since 1955

      Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1955, originated from China’s first wristwatch, the "Five-Star Watch." This watch, named "Five-Star," marked the end of China’s history of "only being able to repair watches, not make them," and began a legendary journey in Chinese watchmaking. Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to independent innovation and research, focusing on the development and manufacturing of high-quality movements and the production of original Chinese mechanical watches. In its relentless pursuit of innovation, Seagull has continuously developed complex mechanical watches such as tourbillons, repeater watches, and perpetual calendars, showcasing China’s watchmaking prowess to the world. It is acclaimed as the "master of Chinese mechanical watches.

      "Seagull": Pioneer and Leader of China's Watchmaking Industry.

      As a historic figure in China's watch industry, Seagull has borne witness to over half a century of change, adapting to the times and leading the industry. With a pioneering spirit, unafraid of hardships, Seagull continuously surpasses itself, striving to be better. From China's first Five-Star Watch, the first aviation watch, the May 1st Watch, to the Dongfeng Watch, Seagull's history symbolically represents the groundbreaking legend of China's watchmaking industry. Whether in craftsmanship heritage, movement manufacturing, or the cultural confidence of contemporary Chinese trends, Seagull continues to embody the passion and value for timekeeping craftsmanship that early pioneers cherished.

      Customer FAQ

      What is the best Chinese brand watch?

      Top 10 Chinese Watch Brands 1.Seagull watch. 2.Beijing. 3.Shanghai. 4.FIYTA. 5.Memorigin. 6.Peacock Watches. 7.Longio Watches. 8.Tian Wang. 9.Rossini. 10.Ehohr

      What is the history of China watches?

      The Chinese watch industry is about 270 years old, but Chinese watch manufacturers have only been around for about 50 years. Before the liberation, there was no watch industry.That means Chinese can’t produce mechanical watches independently. Therefore compared to countries like Switzerland and Germany, China’s watch industry can be said to be in its adolescent years.

      Tianjin watch factory produced he first mechanical watch in 1955 with the support of the Chinese government. That watch is called 5 star watches. Over the next three years, the factories in Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing became the leaders of the Chinese watch industry. And at this time the watch production has risen steeply. But because the machines were imported directly from Switzerland and Russia, the movement and watches made in China were copies of their Swiss and Russian counterparts.

      Thanks to the continuous innovation of China watch factories, the Tianjin Manufacture achieved a breakthrough with the ST5 movement. ST5 is the first movement to be designed and produced in China.

      Entering the 1970s, Tianjin Watch Factory also launched Seagull women’s watches to fill the gap of women’s watches. Again in the mid-1970s, China moved into the development of analog quartz watches and started the stage of quartz watch production in China.

      In the 1980s, china watches manufacturers began to keep up with the international market, thanks to the country’s reform and opening up. After more than 30 years of development, China has become the world’s leading producer of watches. In this period, a number of high end China watch brand have today we will introduce these China watch brand one by one.

      What is Seagull Watch?

      Seagull was born in 1955. After over 60 years of development, Seagull Watch is now a watch production base that integrates watch movement research and development, production, assembly, and sales.

      After more than 60 years of development, Seagull Watch has become a watch production base integrating R&D, production, assembly and sales of watch movements.

      Seagull has become the leading enterprise in China for automatic mechanical watch and movement manufacturing, with an annual production of 5 million pieces.

      Seagull brand watches are awarded as Chinese famous brand in China and have a good reputation in foreign countries.

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