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    Twilight Red Ceramic Plate Art - Gift Set

    Twilight Red Ceramic Plate Art - Gift Set

    UNKA-YAKI ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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      Adorning your wall with this artwork will infuse your home with an enchanting artistic atmosphere, offering a serene glimpse of Japanese natural beauty.

      Crafted with clay as their canvas, these ceramic plate masterpieces embrace the traditional "Unka-yaki" technique, bringing to life natural landscapes like mountains and clouds. Their ceramic composition ensures they endure the test of time, allowing you to relish the same scenery even after a century has passed.

      Unka-yaki, a mystical art form, shuns conventional glazes or paints for a more enchanting approach. It entrusts the coloring process solely to the flames and smoke of the kiln, resulting in patterns on this pottery that boast unique colors and designs, owing to the ever-changing temperatures of the fire.

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      Square Shape:
      Plate Size: 11cm x 16cm
      Frame Size: 21cm x 25.8cm

      Circle Shape:
      Plate Size: 15cm x 18cm
      Frame Size: 23cm x 27cm

      Artisan: Kunihiko Nagamune

      Born from Fire and Clay

      Twilight Red Ceramic Plate is crafted using special clay and fired by Japanese masters, resulting in unique patterns resembling a sunset glow. Each piece boasts distinct colors, ensuring no two are alike.

      Handcrafted Excellence

      Handcrafted to perfection, each Twilight Red Ceramic Plate showcases meticulous Japanese artistry, making it a standout in both design and craftsmanship.

      Nature's Canvas

      Inspired by natural beauty, Twilight Red Ceramic Plate captures the essence of a sunset's radiant hues, bringing a touch of nature's elegance into your space.

      Beyond Beauty

      With its artistic uniqueness and limited production, Twilight Red Ceramic Plate is not just a decorative item but also a collectible that enhances any environment with its beauty and craftsmanship.

      • Shotengai-Unka-yaki-Twilight Red

        Japanese Aesthetics

      • Shotengai-Unka-yaki-Twilight Red

        Traditional Craftsmanship

      • Shotengai-Unka-yaki-Twilight Red


      • Shotengai-Unka-yaki-Twilight Red


      Shotengai-Unka-yaki-Twilight Red

      Unka-yaki, a form of pottery introduced by Koukoku Ohshimain in 1852, boasts vibrant patterns that evoke the fiery allure of burning clouds on its surface. Due to the ever-changing flames within the kiln, each piece of pottery possesses a unique and captivating beauty.Sadly, Koukoku Ohshima's technique was not passed down to his apprentices, and with his passing, this mesmerizing art form faded into obscurity.The revival of the Unka-yaki technique began in 1978, marking a turning point in its history. Kunihiko Nagamune, originally a horticulturist, was deeply enamored by Koukoku Ohshima's Unka-yaki, particularly the exquisite patterns that emerged from the dance of flames.

      Shotengai-Unka-yaki-Twilight Red

      In 1986, Yoshiko Momoi joined the cause, becoming a vital figure in the restoration of the Ako Unka-yaki technique.Undeterred by numerous setbacks, they embodied the unwavering spirit of Japanese craftsmanship, persistently experimenting and refining their methods. A serendipitous discovery of the clay essential for crafting Unka-yaki pottery amidst the mountains marked a pivotal moment in his journey.Finally, in 1994, Ako Unka-yaki received its official designation as a “Hyogo Prefecture Traditional Craft,” solidifying its status as a cherished artwork.