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    VERUS Clutchbag Black

    VERUS Clutchbag Black

    HISUI ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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      a perfect blend of traditional artistry and modern design. This meticulously crafted bag blends modern style with intricate kimono-inspired embroidery. Spacious yet compact, it holds all your essentials, day or night. Crafted from premium leather and kimono fabric, the VERUS Clutchbag elevates your everyday look. 

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      Size: L25cm×H14cm×W7cm(Including handle)
      Material: Leather and silk
      Crossover with AETER Verus collection

      Elevate Your Style with a Touch of Japanese Elegance

      Modern chic meets kimono heritage! This versatile look blends sleek styles with stunning kimono fabrics for timeless elegance that transcends trends.

      Everyday Essentials, All in One

      Never miss a beat with this spacious and versatile bag. It's the perfect companion for all your everyday essentials, keeping you organized and stylish on the go.

      • Shotengai-Hisui-VERUS Clutchbag Lightblue

        Japanese Aesthetics

      • Shotengai-Hisui-VERUS Clutchbag Lightblue

        Silk Fabric

      • Shotengai-Hisui-VERUS Clutchbag Lightblue

        Genuine Leather Material

      • Shotengai-Hisui-VERUS Clutchbag Lightblue

        Large Capacity

      Shotengai-Hisui-VERUS Clutchbag Lightblue

      Beyond Kimono: Breathing New Life into Tradition with Hisui

      Yasuchisaya Senshou, the founder of Hisui, isn't just a businesswoman; she's a master of Japanese dance. Her passion for this art form began at a young age, and as her skills blossomed, so did her fascination with kimono, the traditional garment essential for both dance practice and performance.

      At the extraordinary age of 28, Yasuchisaya received a rare and prestigious honor – inheriting her dance master's name. This signifies that she has mastered all aspects of the art form, a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication at such a young age.

      But Yasuchisaya's love for Japanese culture extends beyond dance. It rekindled her appreciation for kimono and the intricate artistry behind their creation. However, she also discovered a growing concern – the decline of skilled kimono artisans, putting this traditional craftsmanship at risk.

      Shotengai-Hisui-VERUS Clutchbag Lightblue

      Yasuchisaya Senshou isn't just keeping the tradition alive; she's transforming it. Driven by a passion for preserving Japanese kimono heritage, she launched Hisui two years ago.

      This innovative brand specializes in creating exquisite accessories from recycled kimono fabrics. Each piece is a testament to sustainability, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans or Yasuchisaya herself. They seamlessly blend the rich legacy of traditional kimono fabrics and patterns with modern design sensibilities.

      In a world chasing trends, Hisui stands firm. Yasuchisaya believes that authentic kimono fabrics and patterns are more than aesthetics; they're a window into centuries of Kyoto's craftsmanship and the very essence of Japanese heritage.

      Her vision extends beyond clothing. Through Hisui, she aspires to introduce the world to the captivating beauty of kimono, not just to wear, but to appreciate the artistry and skill behind each piece. She hopes to inspire a global audience to experience the joy of seeing, touching, and adorning themselves with these cultural treasures.


      Why does the bag I received look different from the picture?

      All products are made of genuine leather. Thus, the grain patterns and colors of each leather bag might be slightly different. The change in color, tiny spots and wrinkles are all natural characteristics rather than defects.

      How should I preserve my bag?

      To prevent staining, leather with a tendency to discolor should avoid contact with lighter material for a long period of time.

      Avoid the friction of leather on coarse surface.

      To protect the product, please store it in the dustproof bag provided when not in use.

      How to clean my bag?

      If the surface of the leather is stained, wipe it with a soft and slightly damp towel. Avoid using towel that will discolor, and do not use soap or any detergent.

      If inner surface is stained, we suggest you use a soft and dry towel to wipe it. Avoid using towel that will discolor, and do not use soap or any detergent.

      Do not dry clean the product.

      If the leather is dampened, leave it in a cool, dry place and keep it away from direct sunlight until it is dry.

      What items should I keep away from my bag?

      Avoid leaving the product in a humid environment or exposing to heat or strong light for a long period of time. Avoid leaving it inside of a car during the summer.

      Avoid contact with oils, cosmetics, perfumes, hydroalcoholic solutions, and any materials that will cause discoloration.

      Avoid using leather care oil with chemical synthesis and waxy ingredients.